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Sprayd Custom Airbrush Tanning

Sprayd is a sister company to Primp Hair & Makeup Studio, founded by us, the Primp Girls, Ashlee Bivins and Heather Valentine! We have been in the beauty industry in Tulsa for 15 years+. Sprayd was born after looking far and wide for a beautiful spray tan in a fun and inclusive environment. We want women of all generations, shapes, and backgrounds to walk in for a custom airbrush spray tan and leave with confidence, feeling GORGEOUS!

Why book a Custom Airbrush Tan at SPRAYD?

No orange tans, guaranteed!

Just-home-from-the-beach color for all skin types (even the fairest and freckled)

Safe from sun exposure


Natural & streak free

Time-saving & Instant

Contouring & slimming

Customizable color

Before & After

Airbrush for All Occasions


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Summer tan without the health risks AND beautiful nourished skin! Tulsa, OK

Dreaming of the perfect tan. 

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Guess what? You no longer have to leave sticky and stinky. We offer a full body drying powder that smells amazing and has a beautiful shimmer. Get in here, girl! 
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If you need us, we will be over here swooning over this custom airbrush tan on Lexie for her senior shoot..
Orange only looks good on pumpkins…

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* Rinse with a water-only shower (8-10 hours for regular spray or 4-6 for rapid spray), unless instructed differently by your spray tan artist.
* Wait 24 hours before using soap/shampoo
* We recommend using an oil-free, spray tan safe soap.
* Don’t word, we sell a few amazing soaps that you can take home with you to maintain your glow.
* Make sure to soap up with only your hands, no washcloths, or loofahs until you're ready for your next visit at SPRAYD.
* Blot when drying off - Do not rub or scrub
* Keep your skin moisturized - We sell a Tan Extender that extends/builds/accelerates your tan without a streak

And if all else fails, call us. We have done this for a long time and can take care of you!

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* Arrive with a clean face and body. We know it’s difficult, but skip the body lotion, face moisturizer and deodorant
* Bring loose fitting clothing and slip-on shoes to pop into after
* If you choose to get SRAYD in swimwear or undergarments, it will wash out, but we also have disposable undies for you to wear

Ready?! What questions do you have?#tulsaspraytan #spraytanstudio
* Exfoliate - We recommend exfoliating all your nooks, crannies and goodies with a loofah and our charcoal soap
* Shave or Wax - If it needs to be done, now is the time
* Manicures/Pedicures/Massages - Plan these appointments prior to your spray

Questions? We’ve got you- click the link in bio!

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Contour isn’t just for your makeup! 

Subtlety adding shadows with your spray tan adds dimension, accentuating your assets and camouflaging other areas.

We contour:
Upper neck

See our site for pricing! 

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Based on 44 Reviews
Katie Allen
August 19, 2022

Ashley went above and beyond to make my spray tan experience perfect! She walked me through the entire process and told me how to pose and what to do when. Ashley also provided specific instructions to insure proper preparation before the tan and also after care tips for a long lasting spray. Finally the finishing powder smells amazing and really leaves up to spray tan experience.

Julie Baalman
August 11, 2022

This was my first time doing airbrush tanning and Ashlee did an AMAZING job!!! She helped me pick out a color for my birthday trip to florida and it was spot on! I will definitely be coming back!:)

Carrie Brown
August 11, 2022

My daughters needed to cover up their soccer tan lines and I needed a miracle cause I am extremely dry and soak up the product quick. Have had George Hamilton/Donald Trump/Oompa Loompa spray tans before, years ago and was nervous about it but Ashlee said she was up for the challenge. She knew better than to give me bronzer that age spots soak up quick. I left looking like I hadn’t gotten a spray tan but thru the night it has been appearing slowly. Very even from what I have seen so far. My girls look really good too!!! She gave us great instructions for aftercare to maintain our tans. Very impressed! Hopefully tomorrow it will look even better!!! Try this place if you are looking to spray tan!!! Super nice area, building, location. Ashlee was very personable and made my teens feel right at home which is hard for introverts!!! Will be back for sure!!!! ❤️👙🧴☀️Post pics tomorrow!!!

Susan Woolsey
August 10, 2022

Such a great experience. Ashlee makes you feel so comfortable and always does the best job!

Katherine Heldmann
August 8, 2022

You definitely want to get your spray tan on at Sprayd! The environment is comfortable and clean, and the spray tan turned out absolutely amazing. No streaks and color was perfect! These ladies know what they are doing and work hard to ensure the most gorgeous tan for a big day or just to have extra color for confidence!

Helen Snipes
August 7, 2022

Very friendly and made the appointment very comfortable!! Considerate of time as well! Tan looks great!

Garrett Family
August 5, 2022

The BEST spray tan experience! Cute salon set up. Fantastic products available. Ashlee was amazing and had me feeling very comfortable during the spray tan. Product she used smelled lovely. No greasy feeling. I highly recommend the post spray powder! My skin sparkled all day. Definitely visiting again!

Amy Connor
August 3, 2022

I love my SPRAYD tan. It looks very natural and stays on for two weeks. I've had many comments on how good the color is. Ashlee pays attention to the small details and is constantly improving her already great techniques. I highly recommend this business!

Jennifer Stewart
August 3, 2022

Excellent communication, wonderful servant, great education on aftercare! So happy with my tan!

Pippa Simmons
August 1, 2022

Excellent service in a short time frame! These girls are the best!!!

Sarah Ellis
July 27, 2022

Ashlee has provided many services for me in the past years and I was thrilled to see she was offering spray tans now too! A fantastic experience! Ashlee is knowledgeable, makes you feel very comfortable and does a great job! I’ll be back!! 😊

Melissa Taylor
July 21, 2022

I got my first spray tan and it definitely won’t be my last. Ashlee was very personable and did a fantastic job. She provided methods to extend the tan for the week I’ll be at the beach. I was afraid of streaks or turning orange but not anymore! 100% recommend!

Nicole Bryant
July 19, 2022

The girls are always friendly and Heather did awesome!

Brittany Odell
July 15, 2022

I got a spray tan today from Ashley and she is absolutely amazing! I didn’t have a doubt in my mind I would t love the tan! She is so talented and takes her time to explain the before and after steps! Will be sending ladies her way!

kelli harder
July 14, 2022

The airbrush tan i received was beautiful, even, and customized to suit my needs. Upgrades are available for a reasonable fee as are aftercare products (soap/moisturizer etc.)The studio was easy to find, the environment clean, and I loved that I was in & out in 20 min or so! Price point very competitive and flawless application ❤I will be returning!

Allison Bardin
July 14, 2022

Loved getting my first airbrush tan here! Ashlee made me feel comfortable and helped me pick a good tone for my skin color!

Shae Wilkerson
July 14, 2022

Ashlee was amazing to work with! My color has never been so perfect! I used to go to another studio in Tulsa but now I’ve switched and I’m so happy! My tan used to only last 4 days but now it lasts 7-8 days! I have now returned multiple times and couldn’t be happier!

Kendra Lorenz
July 14, 2022

I have used Ashlee before for makeup for my wedding day and other special occasions, and just recently discovered that she offers spray tanning, as well! My experience with the spray tan was wonderful - she truly customized my tan to exactly my needs and desires, and was meticulous in making sure it came out looking great! I used the body soap, moisturizer and bronzer that she recommended to extend the life of my tan, and after about a week, the spray tan began to gradually fade away without any obvious splotches or orange discoloration. Highly recommend SPRAYD and will definitely be returning for more tans in the future! 💜

Krista Seeklander
July 14, 2022

Ashlee is amazing! She was my makeup artist for my wedding 7 years ago.. she’s been my lash artist for almost as long and now this beautiful spray tan biz… she’s professional, reliable, beyond friendly and FUN! Call her before trying someone else- you won’t regret it!

Massage Girl
July 13, 2022

Loved my spray tan! The color was beautiful and custom made for my skin tone! Ashlee was amazing!! Highly recommend!!

Tre Biv
July 12, 2022

Never thought as a ginger that I could get a spray tan and it look natural. Ashlee made me feel like a bronzing beauty!

Karla Stamper
July 9, 2022

This was my second time to receive a spray tan by Ashlee. The first was right before my daughter’s destination wedding in Florida. The color was a perfect bronze customized by Ashlee, not orange looking! She finished me off with a powder that smells amazing and adds a little sparkle too. I don’t leave feeling sticky at all. She makes you feel 100% comfortable and the results are so awesome! I would 100% recommend her. She checks to make sure that everything turned out OK and that I am happy. She makes notes with all the info about what she used and the results. I will definitely continue to use her!

Cheryl Hogan
July 8, 2022

Best Spray Tan ever! The PERFECT color 💜 Ashlee is the BEST! I highly recommend Sprayd

Kelly Watson
July 8, 2022

I recently had an event and used Sprayed for tanning services. Everyone raves about the results! The comment I heard the mist was how natural my tan looked! No orange streaky mess. My tan lasted over 10 days with proper cleansing and moisturizer. Heather and Ashlee are so in tune with the industry! Top of the line products and service. I highly recommend Sprayed and Primp! They never disappoint!!

Kelsey Horner
July 8, 2022

Ashlee was great! I felt very comfortable with her. Her attention to detail gave me the best tan I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot! My tan lasted 12 days- about 2-3 days longer than the girls I was traveling with and now we’re all going to Ashlee for our tans. You will not be disappointed!

Follow My jeep
July 8, 2022

I was a bridesmaid in a fall wedding and needed to be tan for the dress chosen. They did a phenomenal job! No one knew it was a spray tan! I highly recommend!

Lexie Bryant
July 7, 2022

Absolutely love Heather and Ashlee. They are hands down some of the greatest ladies/business owners I have ever met. They are so welcoming and great at their jobs. I recommended them to everyone I know!

Lesli Byford
July 7, 2022

Best spray tan I have ever had. Most natural looking color, NOT orange! Very professional staff. Thank you!!

Ashlee Carter
July 7, 2022

Best spray tan I've ever had. Color was perfect 🥰

Stephanie Smock
July 6, 2022

Love the tan so beautiful , everyone should try this if your looking for a great spray tan !!!!

Mary Baldwin
July 6, 2022

This is an awesome product! Absolutely glowing when you leave. It doesn’t smell and you don’t feel sticky. I recommend this company, the best part of it are the owners, they are wonderful!!! Go get SPRAYD!

Tori Middaugh
July 6, 2022

Love Heather and Ashlee!!! My tan looked amazing an wasn't orange! Made me feel so comfortable while getting sprayed! GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Amber MacCachran
July 6, 2022

Heather is very professional, friendly and made me feel comfortable during my spray tan. So happy with my results FLAWLESS glowy tan! I will be back!

Nicole Grafton
May 11, 2022

I’ve already had so many compliments on my spray tan, and the color is beautiful. This business has great energy, understands the client’s wishes and goes above and beyond in customer care.

Renee Waddell
May 7, 2022

Cannot recommend Sprayd enough!! I have never loved a spray tan on me until now. Ashlee looked at my undertones and made a custom blended color that would best suit me. I love it! It’s beautiful every single time! Will refer everyone I can!

May 5, 2022

10/10 ABSOLUTE BEST spray tan EVER! Ashlee is amazing!!! Finally an perfect spray tan studio in Tulsa! No orange at all! So natural and a beautiful rich chocolate color. Faded after 10-12 days beautifully and not streaky at all. Will be back and will refer all of my friends! Thank you, Sprayd, for opening in Tulsa!

Cindee Bergren
May 4, 2022

Greatest spray tan in Tulsa! Beautiful color for a rich full cover even tan. No streaking, no blank spots at all. I will do spray tanning from now on. The staff made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. It’s a great experience! I highly recommend SPRAYD! 😀

haley prince
May 4, 2022

i love ashley and heather! ashley did a great job and my tan lasted up to 2 weeks after before being completely gone. i was super comfortable, not sticky, and i even had a little sparkle to my skin. highly recommend coming here if you need a spray tan!

Kiara Waddell
May 3, 2022

The location is nice and open with so much natural light a very good environmental over all. The service was amazing, very friendly and welcoming. My tan looked amazing, there was no patchy parts and it blended beautifully. It looked like I just got home from the beach!

Ellie Ervin
April 30, 2022

BEST hand spray tan in Tulsa! The color is so natural and lasts a full 7 days or longer. It does not splotch when it wears off it just gets lighter which makes it last even longer than 7 days. Ashlee is the best and I 100% recommend Sprayd!

Nina Chappel
April 30, 2022

Ashlee was so helpful answering any questions I had and the spray tan was quick and easy! It looks so natural and makes this pale girl feel ready for warm weather!

Michelle Swallow
April 29, 2022

Favorite spray I’ve ever gotten and so reasonably priced! Wasn’t orange or smelly like other places I’ve been, and I was able to go out and sleep with it on without anything transferring to clothes or sheets. Definitely going back!

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