Pre and Post Care


(6-24 Hours Before Your Appointment)

we cannot spray tan over sunburned skin. This will accelerate the peeling process. The spray tan will be on top of the skin and will be removed with the peeling skin.

  • Exfoliate - We recommend exfoliating all your nooks, crannies and goodies with a loofah and our charcoal soap
  • Shave or Wax - If it needs to be done, now is the time
  • Manicures/Pedicures/Massages - Plan these appointments prior to your spray


  • Arrive with a clean face and body. We know it’s difficult, but skip the body lotion, face moisturizer and deodorant
  • Bring loose fitting clothing and slip-on shoes to pop into after
  • If you choose to get SPRAYD in swimwear or undergarments, it will wash out, but we also have disposable undies for you to wear


(Maintaining Your Beachy Bronze)
  • Rinse with a water-only shower (8-10 hours for regular spray or 4-6 for rapid spray), unless instructed differently by your spray tan artist.
  • Wait 24 hours before using soap/shampoo
  • We recommend using an oil-free, spray tan safe soap.
  • Don’t worry, we sell a few amazing soaps that you can take home with you to maintain your glow.
  • Make sure to soap up with only your hands, no washcloths, or loofahs until you're ready for your next visit at SPRAYD.
  • Blot when drying off - Do not rub or scrub
  • If you get out of the shower and see streaks on your body, the bronzer is still on, get back in the shower, and keep rinsing that area, gently rub with your hands.
  • Keep your skin moisturized- the ingredients in the spray tan solution are very drying, after each shower, make sure you moisturize with a spray tan-safe moisturizer. Keep moisturized morning and evening.

Schedule your next tan 10-14 days after your last tan, this will ensure your last tan is completely removed before the new one is applied. Let's keep you glowing!


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