Pre and Post Care


(6-24 Hours Before Your Appointment)
  • Exfoliate - We recommend exfoliating all your nooks, crannies and goodies with a loofah and our charcoal soap
  • Shave or Wax - If it needs to be done, now is the time
  • Manicures/Pedicures/Massages - Plan these appointments prior to your spray


  • Arrive with a clean face and body. We know it’s difficult, but skip the body lotion, face moisturizer and deodorant
  • Bring loose fitting clothing and slip-on shoes to pop into after
  • If you choose to get SRAYD in swimwear or undergarments, it will wash out, but we also have disposable undies for you to wear


(Maintaining Your Beachy Bronze)
  • Rinse with a water-only shower (8-10 hours for regular spray or 4-6 for rapid spray), unless instructed differently by your spray tan artist.
  • Wait 24 hours before using soap/shampoo
  • We recommend using an oil-free, spray tan safe soap.
  • Don’t word, we sell a few amazing soaps that you can take home with you to maintain your glow.
  • Make sure to soap up with only your hands, no washcloths, or loofahs until you're ready for your next visit at SPRAYD.
  • Blot when drying off - Do not rub or scrub
  • Keep your skin moisturized - We sell a Tan Extender that extends/builds/accelerates your tan without a streak


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